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Q4 2023 – Investment Update

If 2022 was the year that Central banks waged war on an overheated economy, then 2023 was the year that markets fought back.

Q3 2023 – Investment Update

The third quarter was a quieter one for central bankers, as only one rate hiked was announced in each Canada and the US. Inflation numbers did not see much movement,...

Q2 2023 – Investment Update

The second quarter offered positive but mixed results for equity investors. Strong gains in big tech facilitated a welcome rebound for investors who suffered the biggest declines on their growth...

Q1 2023 – Investment Update

The big news story this quarter was the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. In a nutshell, the decision makers of this mid-sized US bank made a bad judgement call and...

Q4 2022 – Investment Update

The fourth quarter brought some relief to investors as most asset classes experienced strong rallies. On the equity front, major North American indexes were up roughly 5-7% while the MSCI...

Q3 2022 – Investment Update

The month of July, and some of August, offered a brief reprieve from the Bearish sentiment that has dominated public markets since the beginning of the year.

Q2 2022 – Investment Update

Public markets continued to trend steeply downward in Q2, as hawkish central bank policy and higher interest rates sent investors running for safety.

Q1 2022 – Investment Update

Our last commentary touched on the dramatic drop in global markets that occurred in January, as investors began to digest the removal of monetary stimulus from the system by central...

Q4 2021 – Investment Update

After a strong month of October, volatility roared back into equity markets in November and December. The S&P 500 delivered 9.4% in the 4th Quarter while the TSX delivered 6.91%.

Q3 2021 – Investment Update

After taking a breather in the middle of July, North American stock markets continued their climb through the summer before ultimately dropping off in the Month of September for a...

Q2 2021 – Investment Update

Summer is here, and it couldn’t have come soon enough! After what was initially perceived by many as an underwhelming vaccine rollout, Canada has surged into the lead globally with...

Q1 2021 – Investment Update

Global stock markets got off to a good start in 2021 with most markets rising quickly for the first 6 weeks of the year. What followed was a sell-off lasting...
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